Welcome to Bridgilance's Programs Page - Empowering Communities, One Initiative at a Time

At Bridgilance, we are committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of underserved communities. Our programs are thoughtfully designed to address critical challenges in health, education, and career development. By building bridges of communication and collaboration, we aim to create lasting impact and empower individuals to reach their full potential.


Big Man Clinic – Saving Lives through Bone Marrow Donors:

The Big Man Clinic is at the heart of our mission. In partnership with healthcare professionals and organizations like Delete Blood Cancer, we work tirelessly to increase the number of minority bone marrow donors. By hosting events and initiatives, we raise awareness about the critical need for diverse donors and inspire individuals to join the bone marrow registry. Together, we save lives and offer hope to those in need of life-saving transplants.


Sports-Based Community Service:

Sports have the power to bring communities together and instill valuable life skills in young athletes. Through our sports-based community service programs, we engage young athletes in urban communities with a series of events that teach on-court skills and off-court leadership. Partnering with respected professional athletes who are known for their community service, we mentor and empower the next generation to give back to their communities.


Mentoring Programs:

Mentoring is a cornerstone of personal growth and success. At Bridgilance, we believe in the power of mentorship to shape young lives positively. Through our mentoring programs, we match experienced professionals from diverse fields with aspiring youth in underserved communities. This powerful connection fosters personal development, enhances educational opportunities, and provides guidance for a brighter future.


Community Collaborations:

We recognize that we can achieve more when we work together. Bridgilance actively seeks to collaborate with like-minded organizations, such as the NYC Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) and Women’s Professional Basketball Alumnae (WPBA), to maximize our collective impact. By joining forces with partners who share our vision, we extend our reach and create a network of support that uplifts communities.


Our programs are the embodiment of our commitment to bridge communication gaps, break down barriers, and create lasting change in underserved communities. By supporting Bridgilance, you become an integral part of our journey towards a more equitable and inclusive society.

Join us in our mission to empower communities, inspire hope, and build a brighter future for all. Explore our programs, get involved, and make a difference with Bridgilance Charity Services today!